Bananas in pyjamas

Banana, peanut butter & chocolate loaf cake

Yes I was baking last night in my pjs…..sorry about that. It did mean when we woke up this morning the whole house smelt of banana chocolatey yumminess and I insisted everyone sampled a slice before heading off to school. Really tasty spread with just a little butter…the children were disgusting and had peanut butter and chocolate spread too. Yes I let my children eat chocolate for breakfast so sue me. All in the name of baking research obviously.

I'll be honest with you, my gdfree baking is a bit hit or miss,
but this one was a definite hit.

Ridiculously easy to make, even in your pjs. I’d like to thank Kitchen Operas blog for the recipe although I added more coconut flour than suggested as the wet mixture just seemed too wet.

Blend up 4 bananas, 4 eggs, 1/2 cup peanut butter, 4 tbsp coconut oil & tsp vanilla. Mix together dry ingredients: 1 cup coconut flour, tsp of cinnamon/bicarb soda/baking powder/salt. Chop up a 150g bar of dark choc into chunks and mix everything together. Bake in a double lined large loaf tin at 180 for 30-40mins. Mine browned more than I wanted so check with a skewer at 30mins and if getting dark stick a bit of kitchen foil on the top.

Now the question is, if it’s sugar free, gluten free and dairy free can it really be called a cake? hmmmm. I totally intend to ponder that this evening, when I have a slice with a scoop of Swedish Glace vanilla df ice cream (the best damn ice cream in the world).


6 thoughts on “Bananas in pyjamas

  1. Hi there,
    sounds lovely, it’s amazing what you can do with bananas. Muffins are my favourite with leftovers like this.
    Just a heads up on Swedish Glace ice cream. It’s made with soya bean powder, not good for Hashi Warriors like us.
    Perhaps you could try to make your own soya/dairy free ice cream (made from cashews) like booja booja, that’s next on my list to make!


    1. Love booja booja totally scrum and did know about soy being bad but sometimes you just have to eat ice cream right?! I’ve also discovered a cashew based one called Perfect World and they are to die for with loads favours too. Ahhhh ice cream. Now I’m hungry 😜


      1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling me about Perfect World! I was going to try this recipe to make a Booja Booja ice cream, and replace the rice malt syrup with stevia. Perfect World must have read my mind!

        She also does a mint choc chip version…yum!

        Just found this recipe tonight, will have to give this a go too. Only thing is our fridge freezer is on the blink, so all mass baking is on the back burner until we get the new one!


      2. I also got a coconut milk based one from Sainsbury’s by The Coconut Collaborative in chocolate which is gf df sf and paleo – practically good for you I’d say!


  2. Tried this on Saturday and it turned out slightly salty tasting but the texture was great – I think it was my peanut butter (I used a ‘no added sugar’ version). So not giving up, I tried it again and it turned out perfect!

    The second time around I used normal peanut butter. However, I did also add my own little twist – I have a very sweet tooth! A tablespoon of Agave Nectar added to the wet mixture worked wonders for me!

    Happily scoffed by all! x


    1. Gosh can’t believe you made it twice….that’s perseverance for you! I’m super impressed! And very happy you liked it in the end (I of course used the kids Sunpat peanut butter which is disgustingly loaded with sugar!!) – I’ll make a note of this in the recipe for others. Thx so much for your lovely comments xx


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